A Funeral.

The people who heard about Ivan Ilyich’s death only thought about how it would affect them. They thought about what promotions they could get and that they would miss that evenings poker game, which they all attended anyway. No one wanted to go to his funeral because they lived so far out of town, or it would interrupt their evening nap. Today, some people do think like this. I do not life funerals, not because they are an inconvenience, but because I hate death. It only makes me think about what if that person was someone from my family, or even me. Of course, everyone would rather it be someone else than themselves that is laying there in the coffin, never to move again. We should not think of that tho. We should think of that person and how sorry we are for what the family is going through with the death of a son, daughter, father, mother, sister, or brother. No one knows when they will die and we all pretend that it could never happen to us.


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